Terms & Conditions



1 - All contestants must be enrolled in Intermediate, Area, Primary, Preparatory or Correspondence school, and must be no older than (school) year 8.

2 - A student can only enter in one Rockshop Bandquest band.

3 - There is a maximum of 10 students, and minimum of 3 students, performing on stage in any band.

4 - Rockshop Bandquest is for unsigned bands only. You cannot enter if any members of the band have signed a recording or management contract, and cannot continue in the competition if any members sign a recording or management contract, without the prior written 
approval of Rockquest Promotions Ltd.

5 - Each band is to represent one school only. An exception will be made where a student changes school after the entry form is submitted, and for students of Correspondence School.


6 - Band members cannot be changed or added after your regional performance. All parts, vocal and instrumental, must be performed live.

7 - Performances at the regional events must not exceed 6 minutes in duration -usually two songs.

‍8 - All Bands from the same school must perform at the same Regional event, where there is more than one event  in a region.

9 - All bands must compete at their closest Regional event, or the online region.


10 - Judging decisions will be arrived at after discussion of the performances with reference to supplied criteria.

11 - The Judges will be selected from the Music industry, and their decisions will be final and no correspondence or discussion will be entered into.


12 - The use or possession of alcohol, cigarettes, vaporisers or illegal drugs by any group member at any Rockshop Bandquest 2024 event will result in the instant disqualification of their entire group.

13 - At Rockshop Bandquest you are representing your school. It is important that you adhere to your school’s policies regarding behaviour in public. If in doubt, seek the guidance of your teachers.

14 - Any entrant defacing or destroying Rockshop Bandquest property or property/venues used by Rockshop Bandquest will be disqualified and held accountable for damages. This includes P.A. equipment, recording studios, venues as well as any place used for any photo shoots or interviews e.g. radio stations.

15 - Rockshop Bandquest does not condone censorship. Rockshop Bandquest does support the NZ music industry and therefore urges entrants to consider the commercial potential of the material they write. While not wanting to put constraints on the creative process of songwriters we would like to point out that sexually explicit lyrics or lyrics that may offend may not have commercial potential and therefore may not suit this competition. Judges for this event are drawn from the NZ music industry. Entrants are urged to consider this point carefully.


16 - Schools consent to receiving promotional material from the event organisers and sponsors.

17 - Schools are required to gain approval from the organisers to use props, clothing or equipment bearing product branding of products other than those of our sponsors on stage. Approval will not be withheld unless the organisers believe the security of the event sponsorship is at risk. This does not apply to the normal name branding appearing on musical instruments.

18 - By virtue of entry, the entrant (school) agrees to hold the Event and its agents indemnified against any breach or infringement of copyright or rights held by any third party/parties, and the entrant undertakes to observe all such rights statutory or otherwise. By virtue of entry the entrant agrees to hold the Event and it‘s agents indemnified against any claim or liability for loss or accident resulting from any individual’s involvement in the event.