Covid-19 over the past two years has become an everyday consideration for us all, and will be something we are all thinking about as we move towards the event season.

In regards to vaccine passes for 2022 - our entry process reflects the latest regulations, which is currently that any student enrolled at a registered school is exempt from vaccine requirements when participating in school related activities.  We will not be requiring vaccine passports for Smokefreerockquest or Smokefree Tangata Beats entrants enrolled in registered schools.

All teachers or support crew accompanying the band (anyone who is not a student at a registered school) may be required to show their vaccine passport when entering the venue.

There are many moving parts, and we appreciate your understanding and patience while we continue to adapt alongside the New Zealand Government guidelines.

As always - if you have any questions, send us an email at

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Toi is a Wearable Art competition for student designers run in collaboration with World of WearableArt.
Students can exhibit their larger than life creations at a live Showquest event around Aotearoa.


This is a simple outline for Toi.
Once you’ve entered, you’ll receive the full Toi Manual.


We are very proud to be working in collaboration with our friends at World of Wearable Art to integrate a different component of the performing arts into our programme. WOW have helped us shape this platform and supply the judges each year. In 2020, each entry was judged by Dame Suzie Moncrieff (WOW Founder) and Heather Palmer (WOW Competition Director).


All entrants must be enrolled in an NZ school (including home school and correspondence school). Each student may only enter one entry and up to 5 students can work collaboratively on a garment. Students working together on a garment must be from the same school. Senior students (y9-13) can enter Toi independently, even if your school is not involved - get in touch!


Teachers and parents are not permitted to contribute to the design or creation of the garment above and beyond acceptable health & safety measures. E.g. helping with a hot glue gun or assisting in cutting tricky materials.


You can choose to be inspired by one of our three design briefs created with WOW: Aotearoa, Futuristic and Excessive Accessories. Let your mind run wild when interpreting these briefs - you can be as literal, wacky or fantastical as you like! If you have an amazing idea that doesn’t fit into these themes, you can also choose to design to our Open brief.


There is a cost of $10 per student for the Wearable Art programme with a maximum of $50 per garment. This entry free enables us to produce amazing shows for your community, friends & whānau to support you showcasing your garment live on stage!


Student designers will have professional photos taken of their creation on their model at a Showquest event. Our judges from WOW will use these photographs to judge nationally. You will also need to write a garment description and title for your creation, explaining your interpretation of your chosen Design Brief. You can also choose to enter our additional Creative Photo Challenge by taking a magazine-style cover photo of you striking a pose!


Although Toi is primarily about participation,
there will be awards presented for the categories below.

  • Junior National 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place
  • Senior National 1st, 2nd & 3rd Place
  • Sustainable Garment Award (must have 75% recycled materials)
  • Garment Construction Award
  • Creative Challenge Winner
  • Regional awards presented at each live event


OnScreen is brand new for 2020 and is a short-film competition open to all high school students around New Zealand!

The Basics

This is a simple outline for OnScreen.
Once you’ve entered, you’ll receive the full OnScreen Manual.


All participants must be enrolled in an NZ school (including home school and correspondence school). Schools may submit multiple entries, however students may only take part in one entry each.


Entry crew numbers are a maximum of 30 with no minimum number. Entrants must all attend the same school. All entries must have a student director.


OnScreen has an entry cost of $30 per entry, which covers the entire crew of 1-30 (including cast & technical crew). This entry free enables us to run free-to-access masterclasses with industry experts, provide entrants with industry expert judges, create mentoring opportunities and create a digital showcase for friends & whānau.


For the exciting first run of OnScreen, we have created film briefs for filmmakers to be inspired by. These briefs are intentionally thematic (not genre-based) and open to a wide array of interpretations. You can pick any one of the briefs and let you imagination run wild!


OnScreen does not allow any commercial music to be used in your film. You still have a number of options to incorporate music and sound effects though! You can source royalty-free music or audio, create original music or devise a scripted narrative performance with no music.


Think like Peter Jackson and use on-location filming to take your production to the next level. Film a school scene in a classroom, a dramatic scene on an overcast beach, film the sunset or clouds moving across the sky or rig up a green screen - your options are endless!


This is just as important in a short film as it is for our performers in the Showquest live events. Think about your characters and how to develop them with effective costuming, hair & make-up.


One of the biggest elements of OnScreen will be how you decide to edit your footage to create your final film. You can really get creative here. with editing effects, digital effects and filters, sound effects and camera cuts. Some great programs to start with are iMovie, Premiere Pro & Windows Movie Maker.


You'll be required to upload your final edit on the website by the due date. We will then upload all films to our platform and create a free digital show to share with your community, friends & whānau.


We will create a Digital Showcase from submitted videos. These will be available online to watch at the completion of the competition. This will allow all schools. students and the public to watch each other's performances. The winners of each regional show will then go head to head in the National Final.


We have put together an NCEA E Book on how you can earn credits in our OnScreen, Wearable Art & Showquest programmes. That'll be released shortly under 'Resources'. Keep an eye out!


All practical means must be taken to ensure people are kept safe while creating this entry. If Covid-19 alert levels are in place, all gathering restrictions and requirements must be diligently followed. It is your responsibility to make sure your performance operates in a manner that doesn't jeopardise people's wellbeing and safety.


Although Showquest is primarily about participation,
there will be awards for both the Junior & Open Sections.

  • 1st, 2nd, and 3rd Place per theme
  • 1st Place Nationally
  • ZM Choice Award
  • Director/Editor/Cameraperson/Choreographer/Playwright
  • Soundtrack Technician/Actor/Musician/Dancer
  • Location Filming
  • Lighting
  • Sound
  • Script
  • Movement
  • Costuming/Makeup
  • Magical Moment
  • Outstanding Rangatahi (Star of the Show)