2017 Rockshop Bandquest Online Regional Final 

 The 2017 entries for the online region will be posted here.



Below are the 2016 Results!

1st Place: 2k16, Whanganui Intermediate
2nd Place:3 O’Clock Rush, Ilminster Intermediate
3rd Place:Inland Beach, Tamatea Intermediate
Best Original Song Award:“Listen to the People", Sweet Beats, Ilminster Intermediate
Best Keyboardist Award: AJ Malili-Malo-Lauano and Mia Maraku, 2k16, Whanganui Intermediate
Rocking Drummer Award:Michael Jordan, 3 O’Clock Rush, Ilminster Intermediate
Rock-Solid Bassist Award:Zeppelin Kerr, 3 O’Clock Rush, Ilminster Intemediate
“Killer” Guitarist Award: Grayson Lawrence, Simbolo, Dargaville Intermediate
Rockstar Styles Award: Cory Newman, Sit Down In Front, Campion College
Musicianship Award: Jonathan Stolk, 2k16, Whanganui Intermediate
Male Vocalist Award: Sione Kivalu and Siale Otuvai, Simbolo, Dargaville Intermediate
Female Vocalist Award: Makayla Purcell-Mainini and Emma Webb, Inland Beach, Tamatea Intermediate