National winners...

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2016 Rockshop NZ Bandquest National Final results were:

1st Place - 2k16, Whanganui Intermediate

2nd Place - Mercy, Cambridge Middle School

3rd Place - D.N.A., Nelson Intermediate

Best Original Song Award - Broken Jandal, Chisnallwood Intermediate, Chch

Musicianship Award - Avenue (Dylan Pritchard, Bronson Rehutai, Ava O’Dwyer, Wilf Landon, Madeline Krebs and Melika Samia), Napier Intermediate

Best Keyboardist Award - Will Roddick, from D.N.A, Nelson Intermediate

Rocking Drummer Award - Jai Tudor-Oakley, from Broken Jandal, Chisnallwood Intermediate. Chch

Rock-Solid Bassist Award - Jake Walker, from Sapex, Christchurch South Intermediate

“Killer” Guitarist Award - Kevin Lee and Darcy Bassett from Revs, Tauranga Intermediate

Rockstar Styles Award - Jaime Ham, Lead Vocalist from Delirium Eclipse, Albany Junior High School

Male Vocalist Award - Enzo Hood, from The Damp Tea Towels, John McGlashan Coll, Dunedin

Female Vocalist Award - Jessica Lawrence and Evie Dore, the Backing Vocalists from Shockwavz, Hutt Intermediate

From The Judges

"It's amazing to have so many young kids who are this enthusiastic about making music, and the competition aspect of Bandquest is driving all of them to improve - There are now hundreds of awesome 9–12 year old bands around the country performing at a high level. The future is exciting”
- Will McGillivray, Nomad

"I really loved the fact that 2K16 put a lot of effort into making these songs their own. They were clearly comfortable on stage, they sounded great together and they were enjoying themselves. True rockstar" - Jamie McDell–5LBbHNWak9M3A5Qy1CN250MGM/view?ts=57c39a5c  

Rockshop Bandquest 2015 National Final Results:

1st Place - You’re in Treble - Clayton Park

2nd Place - Wai Stylez - Waikowhai Intermediate

3rd Place - Cosmic Latte - Chisnallwood

Best Original Song - Crowded, Song: Mister Lonely - Nelson Intermediate

Female Vocalist - Stealth (Huia) - Ma te Whanaungatanga

Male Vocalist - Carpe Diem (Rapper) - Berkley Middle School

Rockstar Styles - You’re in Treble (Red Shirt, Keys) - Clayton Park

Killer Guitarist - Crowded - Nelson Intermediate

Rock-solid Bassist - Wai Stylez - Waikowhai Intermediate

Rocking Drummer - Generation Z - Hilltop School

Best Keyboardist - Armaggedon 2.0 - Monrad School

Musicianship Award - Stealth (Huia) - Ma te Whanaungatanga

Thank you to everyone that entered and Congratulations to all our winners. And most of all thanks to Rockshop Showcases, this wouldn’t happen without you!